Fayette Veterinary Hospital

77 Nick Rahall Greenway

Fayetteville, WV 25840 US

(304) 574-4838

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Katherine Faulkner

Meet the friendly staff at Fayette Veterinary Hospital!

Katherine Faulkner

If you see someone running through Fayetteville with a double stroller and dog in tow, it is likely Dr. Katie Faulkner! Katie loves to be outside in this beautiful summer weather and usually has her side-kicks along!

Whether it be hiking, biking, or spending time at the lake, Katie and her children enjoy fresh air and sunshine! Other interests include gardening and playing with her kids. Cooking is also a favorite pastime, although these days, it usually involves a box of macaroni and cheese.

Something you may not know about Dr. Katie is that she can River-dance. Another fun fact: her favorite food is strawberry ice cream! Dr. Katie loves the variety that the veterinary profession provides! She excels in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery but enjoys treating all species of animals.

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